Ruma National Park: Home of Gor Mahia

History of Ruma National Park

When we think of National Parks in Kenya, most of the times our ideas stop at, Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara, Tsavo, Amboseli, Mt. Kenya, Hell’s Gate, Aberdares, and to a few, Arabuko Sokoke and Meru National Parks.

There are many other National Parks in Kenya that offer great scenery, experience and have magical beauty in its wildlife. One of these National Parks is the Ruma.

Ruma National Park is the Only Terrestrial Park in the Entire Nyanza Region. It was initially established as the Lambwe Valley Game Reserve in 1966 to protect the indigenous population of the rare Roan antelopes which exist nowhere else in Kenya.

In 1983 it was gazetted as a National Park and renamed to “Ruma” from requests of the local community.

The area had been so named by one of Kenya’s most powerful wizard, the much-feared Gor Mahia who lived around the park.

Animals found in Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park: Home of Gor Mahia Featured Image

Roan Antelope at Ruma National Park – Courtesy of KWS

Apart from the Roan antelopes which are not found anywhere else in the country, the park is also home to Leopard, Buffalo, hyena, Rothschild giraffe, Oribi, Jackson and Lelwel hartebeest, Impala, Bohor reedbuck, serval cat, Topi antelope, baboons, vervet monkey, honey badgers, bush pig and many more animals.

The Park has over 400 recorded species of birds. It is renowned amongst ornithologists for its rare intra-African migrant, the blue swallow.

How to get there

The main gate (Kamato Gate): From Homa Bay take the main C20 tarmac road in the direction of Rongo. After 10km Branch off to the right at Rodi Kopany and proceed 20km to Mirogi. At Morogi, follow the signs to the park a distance of 12 Km on a Murrum road from Mirogi.

24 Km from Homa Bay take the main C20 tarmac road in the direction of Rongo. After 2 km, Branch off to the right of Mbita – Homa Bay Road junction and then after 11 km branch left to the Park signage taking road D213 to Kamato gate.

Nyatoto Gate: One can access the Park from Kisumu via Lwanda K’otieno where you will take a ferry to Mbita then drive 20 Km to Nyatoto Gate.

Contact information Size and Location

Size: 120 square kilometres

Tel: +254 35 29119

Location: The Park lies on the flat floor of the Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza about 140 Km from Kisumu City.

Ruma National Park accommodation (Lodge and Campsite)

Nyati Campsite which is a special campsite,

Fig tree campsite which is a public campsite and a backpacker’s haven,

Korlang’o picnic site,

Twiga picnic site,

Oribi guest house which is a unique self-catering guest house built on the Kanyamwa Escarpment where Gor  Mahia used to frequent.

Extra useful information

Ruma National Park map

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Ruma National Park entrance fee


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