SGR Booking: Madaraka Express Train Booking, Schedule and Charges

SGR Booking: Madaraka Express Train Booking, Schedule, Timing and Stations.

SGR Booking for Madaraka Express Train

Last Updated on March 6, 2018

What is SGR or Madaraka Express Train?

The SGR train or Madaraka express comprises of two trains running between Nairobi and Mombasa along the newly constructed Standard Gauge railway line.

The train has two classes, the first class, and the economy class. While booking, passengers have an option to select the class that suits them best.

Where is the SGR Kenya Stations Located?

The SGR has two main train stations which include: Syokimau Terminus in Nairobi and Miritini Terminus in Mombasa.

Passengers can access the Syokimau station from Nairobi city center either using a taxi, public transport or the Nairobi Commuter train.

On the other hand, the Miritini station is accessible through private or public vehicles from Mombasa city center.

Once on arrival at either station, the passengers will easily find public transport vehicles and taxis to take them to the cities.

SGR Booking contacts and website

If you want to make a booking inquiry from the Kenya railways, you can contact them through their Website and/or Facebook page. You can also try calling these numbers: 0728603581/0728603582, 0708572574/0708571587

SGR Booking: How to Book the Sgr train tickets from Nairobi to Mombasa.

There are a number of ways in which one can make the SGR Booking.

Booking tickets using USSD

This is the easiest and possibly the most efficient way. As long as you have a Safaricom Kenya Sim card, you can book the train tickets in a minute.

How to do go about it

Dial *639# and follow the prompts.

Make sure to select the intended train either: Madaraka Express Nairobi – Mombasa or Madaraka express Mombasa-Nairobi.

Once you have made the payment, you will receive a Mpesa confirmation message. In that message, there is an account number.

Use the account number together with your mobile number (the one you booked with) to print the tickets at the station.

You can choose to print the tickets in advance or on the day of travel. Just make sure you arrive early enough.

Note that: You can only book 5 tickets at a time using this method.

Madaraka Express online booking.

You can book SGR tickets online. Kenya Railways unveiled a Train tickets booking website where passengers can making the booking in few easy steps.

>>>> How to book SGR Online

There are a number of other platforms where you can get the Madaraka express tickets in advance for a fee. This mostly applies if you are unable to use the usual methods.

Buying the tickets at the respective main stations

Travelers can purchase tickets directly from the counters by visiting the main stations. It should be noted that tickets are sold out quite fast so you need to book about 20 days in advance. If you are not available to go to the stations, it is possible to send someone to book the tickets for you as long as you give them your Identification document (Passport or ID).

Ticket refund policy

Passengers can get a partial refund of the ticket fee under the following conditions:

If you miss the train and notify the station operator before the train leaves, you will get an 80% refund.

You will not get any refund if you report after the train has departed from the station.

No refund is issued if the tickets are lost or damaged.

Madaraka Express Train Schedule

These trains do not stop at any intermediate station. They operate express between the two cities.

Departure time from Mombasa: 7:15 am (Intercounty) and 3:15 pm (Express)

Departure time from Nairobi: 8:00 am (Intercounty) and 2:20 pm (Express)

Arrival time to Mombasa: 1:55 am (Intercounty) and 8:15 pm (Express)

Arrival time to Mombasa: 1:05 am (Intercounty) and 7:20 pm (Express)

The train departs on time. Always make sure you arrive early.

SGR tickets fare and charges

Adults and Kids above 11 years

Economy class: Kshs 700 ($8)

Business class: Kshs 3000 ($31)

Kid between 3 and 11 years: Half price (Kshs 350 and Kshs 1500 respectfully)

Kids below 3 years: Free of charge.

Luggage requirements

A luggage of maximum 30 kg is allowed per passenger. I also should not measure more than 1.6m * 1.6m * 1.6m.


If you have any question or something to add, kindly leave a comment below. In the next post, we will share information on schedule, timing, stations and how to book the SGR Intercounty train.

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christopher karitu

do you have safe parking/storage for cars at Siokimau station where i can leave a car for 3 days


Hello Chris, The parking is safe but i don’t think they would allow you to park it for such number of days. And also since the parking is Open, you would be leaving your car at risk obviously!


Is it possible to book a ticket for tomorrow’s travel?



pamela kanario

is it possible to book a ticket for thursday


check out

grace muiru

can you change your travel date if you have already booked and paid


Yes. If you go to the station yourself and if there is ticket availability


Can I book now for April ticket


You can book 30 days in advance at

Florence Otieno

Hi, Can I get a booking for 30th March, 2018


hello can i book for the sgr for coming sunday for two seats



i want to try using sgr with my colleagues from mombasa to can i book for them.we are a total of 30 member.


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