SGR Booking: Inter-County Trains Booking and Schedule in Kenya

Inter-County Trains: Booking and Schedule of SGR Inter-County Trains in Kenya

SGR Inter-County Train - Mariakani Station

What is SGR Inter-County Trains?

The SGR Inter-County Trains comprises of two trains operating between Syokimau Station in Nairobi and Miritini Station in Mombasa Kenya and serves all the intermediate stations along the railway line.

This service was launched at the beginning of November 2017 to serve passengers traveling to destinations between Nairobi and Mombasa.

Each train departs from one main station at 8:00 am and arrives at the other station at around 2:00 pm.

What are the locations of the stations served by the inter-county trains?

SGR Kenya has two main train stations and a number of other intermediate stations.

Main Stations: Syokimau main station or Nairobi Terminus and Miritini main station or the Mombasa Terminus

Intermediate Stations: Athi River, Emali, Kibwezi, Mtito Andei, Voi, Miasenyi, and Mariakani stations

SGR Inter-County Train Booking contacts and website

To find more information about the Inter-County train, you can contact Kenya Railways through their Website and Facebook page or call 0728603581/0728603582, 0708572574/0708571587

How to Book the SGR Inter-County train tickets from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Booking tickets using USSD

Dial *639# and follow the prompts.

Make sure to select the Inter-county train and the station you will be alighting from.

Once you have made the payment, you will receive Mpesa confirmation message. The confirmation message will bear an account number.

Use that account number together with your mobile phone number to print the tickets at the station during your day of travel. You can choose to also go and print the tickets in advance.

If you wish to print the tickets on travel day, ensure you arrive at the train station early (minimum of 1 hour before travel time)

Note that: You can only book 5 tickets at a time using USSD.

SGR Inter-County/Madaraka Express train online booking.

Currently, there is no online ticketing system for both SGR inter-county train and Madaraka Express train. However, if you cannot be able to purchase the tickets in advance, Wander Kenya can help you with that. Contact Us.

Buying the tickets at the respective main stations

The other way to purchase the tickets is by visiting counters in the closest Main station to you.

Train Ticket refund policy

Just like in Madaraka Express Train, passengers for the Intercounty train can also get a refund of the ticket fee under the following terms:

If you miss the train and notify the station operator before the train leaves, you will get an 80% refund.

You will not get any refund if you report after the train has departed from the station.

No refund is issued if the tickets are lost or damaged.

The Inter-County Train Schedule

The Intercounty trains depart either the Nairobi Terminus or Mombasa terminus at exactly 8:00 am every day. Along the SGR railway line, the trains stop at the intermediate stations before arriving at the later stations around 8:15 pm.

Mombasa to Nairobi Schedule

Depart Mombasa Terminus at 8:00 am

Mariakani intermediate station
Arrive: 8:26 am Depart: 8:29 am

Miasenyi intermediate station
Arrive: 9:12 am Depart: 9:15 am

Voi intermediate station
Arrive: 9:48 am Depart: 9:53 am

Mtito Andei intermediate station
Arrive: 11:13 am Depart: 11:18 am

Kibwezi intermediate station
Arrive: 11:48 am Depart: 11:51 am

Emali intermediate station
Arrive: 12:33 pm Depart: 12:38 pm

Athi River intermediate station
Arrive: 13:44 pm Depart: 13:47 pm

Nairobi Syokimau Main Station
Arrive: 14:07 pm

Nairobi to Mombasa Schedule

Depart Nairobi Terminus at 8:00 am

Athi River intermediate station
Arrive: 8:19 am Depart: 8:22 am

Emali intermediate station
Arrive: 9:25 am Depart: 9:30 am

Kibwezi intermediate station
Arrive: 10:12 am Depart: 10:15 am

Mtito Andei intermediate station
Arrive: 10:44 am Depart: 10:49 am

Voi intermediate station
Arrive: 11:52 am Depart: 11:57 am

Miasenyi intermediate station
Arrive: 12:29 pm Depart: 12:32 pm

Mariakani intermediate station
Arrive: 13:14 pm Depart: 13:17 pm

Mombasa Miritini Main Station
Arrive: 13:40 pm

SGR Inter- County train tickets fare and charges chart

SGR Inter-County Train - Madaraka Express Fare Chart


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