List of 7 Fun things to do and see in Nairobi City

Top 7 Fun things to do and sightseeing places in Nairobi City the Local way: Reviews and tips

Nairobi is the capital city and the largest city in Kenya and East Africa. It also happens to make Kenya as one of the few countries in the world to have a National Park close to the city.

There are many tourist attractions and things to do close to and Outside Nairobi City Center.  Whether you want to visit at Night or have an adventure during the day, the many local sightseeing places will make your trip memorable.

The following are some of the must-see attractions, fun things to do and places to Visit in Nairobi Kenya, their charges and location.

Things to do in Nairobi for fun in one day.

Things to do and see in Nairobi City the Local way Utamandani Restaurant Bomas

Utamanduni Restaurant at the Bomas of Kenya

August 7th Memorial Park

Standing at the former site of the US Embassy, this is a memorial Park that exists mainly for historical and educational reasons.

It is a memorial in the remembrance of the Kenyans and foreigners killed on 7th August 1998 by a terrorist bomb next to that site, and about the promotion of peace.

The park is a beautiful setting for events involving small groups, and there is a conference facility.

It has a small art gallery that can be hired for art and cultural exhibitions, cocktail parties, and functions.

There is a souvenir selling shop and kiosk selling snacks if you want to get some refreshment during your visit.

Bomas of Kenya Cultural center

Things to do and see in Nairobi City the Local way Bomas of Kenya Dances 2

A short drive from the city center takes you to Bomas of Kenya cultural center. Bomas is a Swahili name for homesteads.

The center depicts ethnic groups in their model traditional villages. It is a great venue for lovers of African culture, folklore, and costumes.

Currently, they have over 30 different cultural dances and 11 traditional villages of various ethnic groups. Dances are performed between 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm on weekdays and 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm on weekends and public holidays.

Central Park and Central Park Monument

Bordering Uhuru Park, Central Park is easily identifiable by the Nyayo monument. This park attracts those who simply want to relax and have a quiet moment. It is also popular for family outings.

The park does not charge an entrance fee and everyone can have free access.  It is located at a walking distance from the Nairobi city center along Kenyatta Avenue.

On the other hand, the Central Park Monument is a Nyayo monument in the central park. It depicts the club carried by the Second president of Kenya – Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

Dedan Kimathi and Tom Mboya statues

The Dedan Kimathi Statue is one of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi, the Leader of Mau Mau. It is situated at the junction of Kimathi Street and Mama Ngina Street in Nairobi city center.

Honoring one of the Mau Mau Rebellion’s most influential leaders who was captured and executed by the British in 1957, the statue was unveiled in 2007, by the then president of Kenya Mwai Kibaki and Kimathi’s window, with some of the surviving Mau Mau soldiers attending the ceremony.

The life-sized bronze statue features him in army fatigue of the Mau Mau dreadlocks, which were a feature of the Mau Mau fighters, and carrying a home-made gun and a sword.

Close to Kimathi’s statue along Moi Avenue, next to National archives, you will find the statue of Tom Mboya. Tom Mboya was one of the founding fathers of Kenya and regarded to be very intelligent. He led negotiations for the independence of Kenya and laid the foundation for the Kenyan Economy.

The statue stands where he was assassinated as he was leaving a chemist in 1969.

Jeevanjee gardens

Things to do and see in Nairobi City the Local way Jeevanjee two

These gardens were donated by A.M Jeevanjee, one of the Nairobi’s first Indian businessmen, when a bazaar which was formally located on the site was burned down.

He created the spot as a resting area for the poor. Jeevanjee gardens were the location of the first agricultural show in Kenya in 1901. Inside the gardens are two statues, one of England’s Queen Victoria, which was unveiled in 1906 and the other of Jeevanjee himself.

Khoja Mosque

Location: Junction of Nairobi’s Moi Avenue and the start of River Road.

Year of completion: 1922
Name of the architect: Virji Nanji
The name of Client: Shah Ismailia Community

This is yet another landmark of Nairobi city and it is one of the biggest mosques in Nairobi. It was built by the followers of Aga Khan.

Its an architectural merit include arches on the ground floor, fair finished stone facing, decorative motifs around the windows.


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