List of 20 Unique and offbeat Accommodation in Kenya

Have you heard about tree houses, glamping sites, Eco-lodges, tiny houses, unique campsites, home stays and cottages in Kenya?

Are you interested in discovering the new form of accommodation?

Unique, rustic, offbeat and experiential?

If yes, read on.

After working days on end, one deserves an uninterrupted time to refresh the mind. This calls for a calm and relaxed environment outside of the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Choosing a Unique and Rustic facility

For a typical wayward traveler, the restless ones, getting a decent place to stay is not a problem. They know all the websites and tools that can help them search and book the best accommodation anywhere in the world.

The rest of us need information, guidebooks and endless days of planning. Else, we settle for hotels or if we are savvy enough, an Airbnb experience which will most likely be limiting.

With the need for unique stays and local experiences, travelers have identified other ways of hacking accommodation all over the World. Kenya is not an exception.


The shift in Accommodation options

Today, you can stay in a rustic house for lower rates than you would in a five-star hotel in any city. If such an experience is something you would consider, here are my top picks in Kenya.

Please note: These accommodation facilities change all the time. Today a jewel, tomorrow a bunch of dilapidated structures. For that reason, I will not give descriptions. Check them out and be the judge.

20 Unique and Offbeat experiential stays in Kenya

  1.  Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp ( Maasai Mara)– Website
  2. Karen Camp (Nairobi) – WebsiteReviews
  3. Jungle Junction (Nairobi) – Reviews on TripAdvisor
  4. The Brandy Bus (Nairobi) – Check on Airbnb
  5. Distant Relatives Eco Camp (Kilifi) – WebsiteReviews
  6. Tulia House (Nyali) – Reviews
  7. Mara Explorers (Maasai Mara) – Reviews
  8. Kisumu backpackers (Kisumu) – Reviews
  9. Sieku Glamping (Laikipia) – Website
  10. Kahiga Homestay (Nyeri) – Website
  11. Maji Moto Eco Camp (Maasai Mara)
  12. Aruba Mara Camp (Maasai Mara)
  13. Mara Eden Safari Camp (Maasai Mara)
  14. Severin Kitani Banda’s (Tsavo)
  15. Maasai Simba Camp (Amboseli)
  16. Dunga Hill Camp (Kisumu)
  17. Camp Carnelley’s (Naivasha)
  18. Ken Trout 1972 (Timau)
  19. Kongoni Camp (Nanyuki)
  20. Colobus Cottages (Nanyuki)


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