Menengai Crater in Nakuru County

Menengai Crater: Nakuru County

Menengai Crater is located in Nakuru County of Kenya about 2 hours 30 Minutes from Nairobi City. It is a breathtaking marvel and presents a scenic beauty to the viewer. This extinct Volcano (Caldera) is the biggest of its kind in the entire world. The locals have named it “Kirima Kia Ngoma” which is a local word for “The place of Devils” due to legendary tales about its origin. It’s believed that the crater is inhabited by evil spirits which haunt and confuse people who dare go there. People are said to disappear in the crater never to be seen while others get confused forever!

Menengai Crater in Nakuru County Kenya1

In the ancient times, it is believed that there was a big fight over grazing pastures between two communities (The Maasai clans) who were living in the area. The defeated ones were thrown to the edge of the crater and it is said that their spirits try to rise to heaven in form of smoke.

The volcano is dormant at there is a geothermal power plant established at the foot of the crater. Rotary club has since erected a directional signpost at the highest point of the crater which shows respective distances to several destinations and places in the world.

Menengai Crater in Nakuru County Kenya1

How to get there from Nairobi

To access this attraction, you either use public transport or drive to the crater.

If using public transport, pick a Matatu (Public transport 10 or 14 seater bus) from Latema road in Nairobi city center to Nakuru town. From the town, you can either walk for about 8 km or hire a Taxi, Tuk Tuk or motorcycle to the crater.

For those using private means of transport, drive all the way to Nakuru. From there you can use google maps or ask around for the directions to the crater.

Menengai Crater in Nakuru County Kenya1

Attractions, sightseeing, and other activities

Hiking and Trekking

If you are adventurous enough, the crater offers a 4-hour hike to the foot of the crater them a climb up the Devils hill.

Visit the cave

The cave was used as a hideout of the Mau Mau during the colonial period. This cave attracts pilgrims from different parts of Kenya who to come to pray, meditate, fast and contemplate.

Photography and site seeing

Menengai crater presents a great view of Lake Bogoria, Nakuru town, and Lake Nakuru. It is a great place for photography.


This is a good picnic site for camping.

Bird watching

Watch different bird species as you hike and trek along the crater and in the forest trail leading to the cave.

Menengai Crater in Nakuru County Kenya1

Charges and Entry requirements

  • Entry fee to Menengai Crater payable at the Kenya Forest Service gate
  • Identification document (ID or Passport)
  • Money for personal use (like buying souvenirs)

Menengai Crater in Nakuru County Kenya1

Tour Guide and Transport

Wander Kenya offers full day tours to Menengai Crater. Whether in a group or as an individual, our private guides will show you around and give you a memorable local experience. Contact us today to book a tour.