Nairobi Nightlife Experience with Dinner

One of Kenya’s claims to fame is its vibrant night life; Kenya has much to offer in terms of late night entertainment and the emirate regularly hosts some of the most popular club nights and DJs from around the globe. There are many bars and nightclubs in Kenya, though most of these are located in Various streets an also outside the city. The crowd varies from club to club, but mostly consists of a mix of party goers of both Eastern and Western origin. Most clubs are packed on Thursday and Friday nights (expect the most popular haunts) as Thursdays signals the end of the work week Fridays and Saturdays are weekends for most working people in Kenya. Many popular hot spots host a ladies club night on Tuesday where ladies can enter for free and are sometimes even offered free drinks. Previously, most clubs allowed free entry, but in recent years with the explosion of the night life scene in Nairobi clubs enthusiasts can expect to pay a cover charge of up to KES 500 for private shows or Concerts.